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Day 8: 365 Circle Songs

I spent the whole day glazing in the ceramics studio in a mad rush to get things ready for the next kiln firing.  By the end I was was seriously, well, glazed over and had a massive headache…  This circle song is surely a symptom of all of the various dusts I breathed in today.  I feel like it’s missing a part though…  Can you fill in the gap?

Circle 8.

-Anne-Marie Hildebrandt

Day 4: 365 “Circle Songs”

It… is… hot…  SO hot today.

Screen Shot 2013-07-19 at 12.35.25 PM


My friend and choir-mate Gwyneth Leech posted a photograph of some of her lovely hand painted cups on her blog today and they really spoke to me…

Gwyneth Leech Yellow Summer Cups 2


…about the heat…

I feel I can almost see them pulsing, and my circle song today is inspired by them.  A bid for survival on a day when to step outside into the “air,” or what has taken its place, entails wading through a thick, sweaty drool that clings to every curve…  Naturally, the only thing to do is to dance.

Circle 4